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"Sexuality and spirituality are not opposing forces, as is frequently supposed. Instead, both draw us into relationship. Both our sexual and spiritual powers are holy, and therefore both may be profaned. The integrity of our sexual and spiritual powers is called the soul." -- Coming Out to God.

Whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or straight, this is a truth we may discern through reflection and discover through experience. Though I recognize that there are many spiritual paths, I reflect and write on this and other themes as a Christian. My books reveal that biblical stories and sayings offer rich metaphors and sacred truths of the spiritual life. My books are also full of present-day stories of my own and others that may inform and influence the reader's spiritual quest as well. Take a look at the following descriptions and see which one might work best for you. –Chris

All of Chris Glaser's books are available at AMAZON

"Chris never stopped fighting in the community of faith to enlighten their Neanderthal positions around LGBT issues... Chris faced anger, hatred and bitterness from people of God in his attempts to break down the walls of oppression. Now, 33 years later, Chris has finally won... Thank you, Chris Glaser, for being such an extraordinary pioneer and leading us to this moment."
--David Mixner, Author, political strategist, civil rights activist

"I consider Chris Glaser to be one of the pioneers in the work of reconciliation between the gay and lesbian community and the Christian faith."
--Rev. Troy D. Perry, Founder of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches

"Powerful, sensitive, and provocative -- Glaser stands inside his own humanity as a gay male and hears the word of God through the Bible. Christians, gay and straight, need [his books] if we are to be the body of Christ."
--The Right Rev. John Shelby Spong, author of Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism

"Finding oneself in conflict with the church is a hallowed Christian tradition. One of the beauties of Chris Glaser's story and life is that by choosing to be open and honest about his feelings he transforms 'homosexual' from an alien, despicable abstraction into a real, flesh-and-blood brother to other Christians."
--John Boswell, author of Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality

"An enthusiastic, compelling testimony to the power of faith in the lives of many gay and lesbian Christians."
--Carter Heyward, author of Touching Our Strength: The Erotic as Power and Love of God

"Chris is a man of great faith who has never allowed bitterness to conquer gratitude. During his many years in the ministry, Chris has shared many of his struggles with me, and his [writings are] a public testimony of his faithful search to integrate his sexuality with his faith."
--Henri Nouwen, author of more than forty books on the spiritual life, including The Wounded Healer and Reaching Out

"For Chris Glaser, prayer is a mysterious, wondrous, yet earthy place where the dance of spirituality and sexuality is celebrated. His own fondest prayer for all of us is that we may be opened up to greet God's coming out to us."
--Malcolm Boyd, author of Are You Running With Me, Jesus? and Take Off the Masks

"Glaser writes out of pain and hope, with passion for the church and enormous integrity as a gay Christian."
--James B. Nelson, author of Body Theology

"Glaser's biblical base and contemporary examples challenge Christian churches to welcome gay and lesbian people as full, proud members."
--Mary E. Hunt, co-director, Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual

"Glaser writes with candor and courage. His struggle to integrate spirituality and sexuality is instructive for all Christians."
--Nancy A. Hardesty, author of Inclusive Language in the Church

"There is heartache and hope [here]. Those who really hear his story will be proud to support him in this powerful faith journey, and will make his concerns their own."
--Sydney Thomson Brown and Robert McAfee Brown


All of Chris Glaser's books are available at AMAZON

As My Own Soul: The Blessing of Same-Gender Marriage
Seabury Press, 2009
Ever wonder why marriage for same-gender couples generates such passion? Why is it so important to gay and lesbian people? And why is it felt as an attack on “traditional” marriage by others? Writing accessibly for the general reader, author Chris Glaser narrows it down—first to taboos around sexuality, then to taboos around the sacred. Click for full summary. Also available on Kindle.
Uncommon Calling - A Gay Christian’s Struggle to Serve the Church
Original Publisher - Harper & Row (1988)
New Edition Publisher - Westminster John Knox Press (1996)
The new edition includes photographs for the first time. It is both Chris Glaser's story as one of the few openly gay candidates for ordination in the church in the 1970’s, as well as the story of one denomination (the Presbyterian Church) struggling with the issue. Look Inside! at Amazon.
Come Home! Reclaiming Spirituality and Community as Gay Men and Lesbians
Original Publisher - Harper & Row 1990
New Edition Publisher - Chi Rho Press
The new edition includes five additional chapters. The book helps gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people to find meaning in Christian spirituality, leading readers through five spiritual movements with chapters such as “Practicing Safer Spirit,” “Celebrating Gay and Lesbian Pride,” and “Turning the Church Upside Down.” Read reviews at Chi Rho Press.

Coming Out to God - Prayers for Lesbians and Gay Men, Their Families and Friends
Publisher - Westminster John Knox Press (1991)
This book of sixty prayers includes an introduction describing the relationship of sexuality and spirituality. The prayers are divided in three sections: “Created in God’s Image,” “Called as Community,” and “Citizens of a Commonwealth.” Look Inside! at Amazon.
The Word Is Out - Daily Reflections on the Bible for Lesbians
and Gay Men

Publisher - Harper San Francisco (1994)
New Edition Publisher - Westminster John Knox Press (1996)

A 365-daily devotional divided into monthly themes blending the Christian year with gay and lesbian concerns. Each day begins with a scripture verse, followed by a brief meditation and prayer or affirmation. Look Inside! at Amazon. The entire Spanish edition is available online (PDF).
Coming Out as Sacrament
Publisher - Westminster John Knox Press (1998)
Coming out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or as a supporter of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people is viewed as a holy, sacramental act in which God’s presence may be visible to those with “eyes of faith.” Using cultural critic René Girard’s concept of the scapegoat mechanism, the deeper religious roots of both Jesus’ sacrifice and our own “living sacrifice” are explored and critiqued. The theme of coming out in the Bible is demonstrated as yet another method of re-viewing scripture in our own experience. The book concludes with seven rites for the soul for individual or group use. Look Inside! at Amazon.
Reformation of the Heart: Seasonal Meditations by a Gay Christian
With a Scripture Index

Publisher - Westminster John Knox Press (2001)
In these meditations for the church year, Chris Glaser continues his tradition of writing meaningful meditations for all Christians from the perspective of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. He begins where the Christian story and calendar begin, with Advent and Christmas, reflecting on how Jesus was influenced by his spiritual ancestors and family. For Epiphany, in addition to Christian understandings of the season, Glaser explores epiphanies that are unexpected manifestations of the sacred in our lives. In the Lenten meditations, he describes the necessity of reforming oneself as one reforms the church. "Where does one start?" he asks. "With prayer." This book has become an important seasonal resource. Look Inside! at Amazon
Troy Perry: Pastor and Prophet
Publisher - Metropolitan Community Churches; 1st edition (2005)
Compiled by Chris Glaser, this hard-bound coffee table book explores the life and ministry of Rev. Troy D. Perry, founder of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) and gay rights activist. Complete with full-color photographs, the book includes Perry's historic contributions to the international human rights for LGBT persons.

The Final Deadline: What Death Has Taught Me about Life
Morehouse Publishing, 2010
“Too often we postpone life, as if there were no deadline.” As a writer, Chris Glaser experiences deadlines as friendly reminders that something has to be accomplished by a given time. Glaser views death as The Final Deadline, one that insists we “get it” or “get it done”—whatever “it” is—during our lifetimes. Glaser views Death as an inscrutable and even stern Zen master ready to teach us, a spiritual director eager to inspire us, a soul-friend reminding us that our lifespan has sacred worth. Glaser writes movingly of the deaths that have shaped his soul through assassination, murder, suicide, accident, divorce, illness, and AIDS. All may open readers’ hearts to their own discoveries facing The Final Deadline. Click here for more details and others’ comments. Also available on Kindle.
Unleashed-The Wit and Wisdom of Calvin the Dog
Publisher - Westminster John Knox Press (1998)
Calvin, a mixed breed refugee from the Atlanta Humane Society, waxes philosophical “On Collars,” “On Being Close to the Ground,” “On Going to Church,” “On the Edible Complex,” and a host of other topics, revealing his good sense and instinct, as well as a dry dog food wit. Canine translation by Chris Glaser, and accompanied by wonderful illustrations from Jim Kelley. Click here to read excerpts, see illustrations, and browse Calvin's picture gallery. Buy it at Amazon.
Communion of Life - Meditations for the New Millennium
Publisher - Westminster John Knox Press (1999)
This meditation book is written for those who want to avoid the trappings of religion as they discern a spiritual path. Using the ancient mythological premise that everything consists of the “communion of life” -- the blending of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire -- these twelve cycles of four meditations, one on each element, are accompanied by beautiful color photographs from National Geographic photographers. Look Inside! at Amazon.

Henri's Mantle: 100 Meditations on Nouwen's Legacy
Publisher - Pilgrim Press, (Fall, 2002)
Henri's Mantle takes its name from the mantle that fell from Elijah to Elisha, passing on spiritual strength and wisdom. Henri Nouwen's 40-plus books on the spiritual life collectively serve as a mantle passed on to his readers. Nouwen wrote them while teaching at Notre Dame, Yale, and Harvard and ministering alongside the poor in Latin America and the disabled of the L'Arche community in Toronto. His student and friend, Chris Glaser, who has written books of daily meditations on sacred writings from the Bible, interprets Nouwen's "sacred writings" on a wide range of topics to uplift and encourage spiritual seekers. What results is a touching, accessible book on the inner struggles of the spiritual life. More at Amazon.

The Spanish edition, Meditando con Henri Nouwen, available at Editorial Epifanía.